New ImageIngester Version 3.1.07 for OS X adds disc burning

If the card, and the primary copy on disk, and the pre-conversion backup, and the post-conversion backup aren’t enough… you can now burn ingested images to disc from within ImageIngester. All you have to do is check one or two of these new checkboxes:

Fixes some bugs and annoyances, too. The details:

  • New Burn checkboxes in Destination Details panel to burn pre-conversion backup and/or primary folders to disc. Will use multiple discs if needed. Will split a folder across discs only if necessary. Standard burn dialogs appear after ingestion. If you have multiple cards ingested simultaneously, will burn all images ingested from them. External log is written to the discs as well. Label of disc is ingestion ID (from database) suffixed with A for primary and B for backup. If you have less than about 600MB, you can burn to a single CD instead of a DVD.

  • Bug fix: If free ImageIngester Version 2.3 or earlier was set to free mode, Version 3 complained and refused to proceed.

  • Several other minor bugs fixed.

Windows version with burning will follow.